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Who Are We?

Xposed Image is a content marketing and entertainment service company designed to help businesses, artist, models/actors, brand ambassadors & YOU. Xposed Image specializes in events, visual content creation & printing of various marketing materials. Xposed Image also offers customizable packages, including our own catering & staffing services ThirstTrap. Book With Us TODAY!!


Creative Content

We create, design & print all marketing materials!

ThirstTrap Catering & Services

We cater, staff, plan & create!

Booking Services

We provide access to a full production team including models, dancers, photographers, videographers, creative directors, etc. to aid in content creation from inception to fruition!

The Blacklist

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An exclusive organization committed to supporting & servicing each other! We support, we collaborate, & we celebrate each other! Join our elite group today!

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We Xposed the Brand ,Trapped the Streets & Connected the Plugs! 


Blacklist Plugged In Collection

The Plugged In Collection is an exclusive Blacklist collection, giving all supporters a chance to rep the brand though fashion!